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Hello, new user

2005-09-08 08:43:25


After sending some comments on rfc2821bis to John C Klensin, he
suggested that I should post most of it here on this list.

I've decided to send separate messages for each of the issues I think
exist in rfc2821bis.

I've browsed the archives but cannot read every post ever made on this
list.  This probably means I'm going to rehash some old arguments; I'm
sorry for that.  Please let me know if/when this happens and if you
provide a pointer to the archived thread I'll read it.

List of issues to follow (in no particular order, not everything today):

- EHLO/HELO description
- originator address and gateways
- bounces and obscurity
- postmaster, without domain
- Leading dot escape
- a top level domain is also a fully qualified domain
- multihomed hosts with more than one name: which name in hello?

Alex van den Bogaerdt

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