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where is OPES?

2006-01-25 12:40:40

The current charter for OPES lists the following three items, all
dealing with SMTP:

Mar 06 Submit document on OCP/SMTP profile for MTAs, including
       mechanisms for tracing and bypass, to IESG for Proposed Standard.

The Scenarios and Use Cases draft is now in the RFC Editor queue. We can
check this one off.

Mar 06 Submit document(s) on OCP/SMTP profile(s) for those
       other SMTP agents the WG has decided to work on, if any, to IESG
       as Proposed Standard(s).

There is a draft profile document, draft-ietf-opes-smtp-00.txt, that has
received little comment. It needs to be reviewed with the use cases in
mind, updated and last called.

This means *you*. For those of you looking over your shoulders right now
to see who else I might be talking to, stop looking any further; I
really do mean *you*. It's time to get this one out the door.

Mar 06 Consider additional OPES work such as extension to
       traffic beyond HTTP and RTSP and present new charter to IESG, or
       conclude working group.

My opinion is that this group has extended past the point of ennui. At
this point, I don't see any further work occurring in this group as a
chartered working group, and it *needs* to shut down.

If there *are* people interested in further work on the topic of opes,
it can be done using individual submissions. The mailing list will
remain open for discussions of such submissions.

Right now, I don't see the need for the OPES group to meet in Dallas.

If you have comments on *any* of the above, *please* send them to the
OPES group list, ietf-openproxy(_at_)imc(_dot_)org(_dot_)

        Your friendly co-chair,
        Tony Hansen

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