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Re: where is OPES?

2006-01-25 16:19:55

At 19:52 25/01/2006, Tony Hansen wrote:
My opinion is that this group has extended past the point of ennui. At
this point, I don't see any further work occurring in this group as a
chartered working group, and it *needs* to shut down.

If there *are* people interested in further work on the topic of opes,
it can be done using individual submissions. The mailing list will

Right now, I don't see the need for the OPES group to meet in Dallas.

If you have comments on *any* of the above, *please* send them to the
OPES group list, ietf-openproxy(_at_)imc(_dot_)org(_dot_)

I agree with this. But I *have* interests I expressed for years. These interests have not been followed on this list because they do not fit the current charter and the vision we initially agreed. I accepted it but I am afraid the ennui is the consequence. May be my vision and the lack of time (as you may know I am victim of a time wasting commercial/political DoS :-)) will lead to the same ennui. But if this group is to stay as a SIG without a real charter, would it not be an acceptable kind of topic?

I note that my vision (already documented in the past) calls for architectural considerations. It considers OPES and ONES (Open Network Extended Services) as a way to respect the end to end principle but also to provide network intelligence. I also note that I introduced an appeal to the IAB to ask if the Multilingual/Multilateral Internet was an IETF matter or not. I consider ONES as necessary to that architecture. If the response of the IAB matches the IESG first negative response, I will deal with the issue through an International Network usagge TF we plan to maintain a documentation on the entire digital convergence, from a user point of view.

I would suggest the IETF keeps this mailing list for topics like that. As an observatory SIG. If a Draft is introduced, some members could interested working on it as an individual common text?

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