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[lemonade] Re: PIPELINING and failed recipients

2006-03-06 23:35:55

At 15:40 -0800 on 03/06/2006, Randall Gellens wrote about [lemonade] Re: PIPELINING and failed recipients:

 >   One advantage of a sync point
  after the message envelope is that the client can decide not to proceed if
  a subset of the recipients are rejected; this doesn't work if the envelope
  and data are pipelined. (It is also limited by how strongly the server can
  verify addresses.) What do you think of having a NOPARTFAIL parameter to
  the MAIL command, which means that the client is asking the server to
  reject the message data if any of the recipients are rejected - "no
 >  partial failure".

If I am sending a multi-addressed message, I would like the ability (even if pipelining) to get a response stating if each recipient was accepted or not, and have the MUA requeue the message with all the rejected addresses while allowing the message to get sent with the valid addresses. IOW: Leave it as "failed" as presently occurs if it can not get sent BUT remove the accepted addresses so the failed version only contains the rejected addresses.

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