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2006-10-28 12:50:28

Eric Burger wrote:
Silver gorillas?  Are you just bragging that you still have hair?  :-)

I must admit that I was rather mechanically merely going with the flow of Valdis' use of the reference.

That said, I'm quite charmed by the deeper implication of his use of it, as suggested by:


A "silver gorilla" (actually silver *back* gorilla) is the dominant member of a group of mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas are quite rare and much less is known of them than the more popularized lowland gorillas.

My impression is that, in the world of primate research, they seem to have even more cache than orang utans, and that is going some. (I admit to a preferance for the latter, given their intelligent eyes and quiet manner.)

Anyone with deep involvement in both x.400 and Internet Mail well might quality for the title, no matter the color or quantity of their hair...



  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking

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