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Re: Anything else on the content?

2006-11-03 22:31:02

Douglas Otis wrote:

Functional regions could then be identified as follows:
  MOD = Mail Originator Dominion (MUA-MSA)

Relevant for the MON, invisible for the receiver (MON interna)

  MTD = Mail Transmitter Dominion (outbound)

MON border, very important

  MRD = Mail Receiver Dominion (inbound)

MRN border (MX), also very important

  MSD = Mail Signing Dominion (DKIM signing)

Less interesting, somewhere between MSA and "MTD"

  MDD = Mail Delivery Dominion (MDA-MUA)

Relevant for the MRN, invisible for the sender (MRN interna)

  MVD = Mail Validation Dominion (DKIM validation)

Less interesting, somewhere between "MRD" and "MDD"

  MFD = Mail Forwarding Dominion (Normal forwarding)

Covered by mediator, combo of "MRD" and "MTD". 

  MMD = Mail Modification Dominion (Specialized forwarding or mailing-

Ditto, covered by mediator, the "5.3.6(b)" case.

  MXD = Mail Relay Dominion (Specialized outbound)

What's that ?  


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