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Re: Anything else on the content?

2006-11-05 18:58:20

Douglas Otis wrote:

  MSD = Mail Signing Dominion (DKIM signing)

Less interesting, somewhere between MSA and "MTD"
Not necessarily between the MSA and MTD.  A message
can be signed at the MUA, MSA or anywhere down stream.

The signing details are too special for a "mail-arch"
draft, you'd get all the wonders of IMAP and SIEVE and
what else.

  MFD = Mail Forwarding Dominion (Normal forwarding)

Covered by mediator, combo of "MRD" and "MTD".
The concept is to clarify the types of modifications
that occurs by these functions.

IMO that's explained in chapter 5.1 ff., it doesn't need
a new acronym.  

There are some serious issues in 5.3, IMO lists setting
their own Reply-To are broken, and "lists" not setting 
their own MAIL FROM belong to 5.1.

MMD = Mail Modification Dominion (Specialized
forwarding or mailing-lists)

Ditto, covered by mediator, the "5.3.6(b)" case.
This would involve greater levels of change, whereas
forwarding might have been better described as message

This mine-field is still a mine-field if you'd add new
acronyms, so why bother ?  The text in 5.1 covers it:

| Hence that original recipient SHOULD become responsible for any
| handling issues.  This change would be reflected by replacing the
| message's RFC2821.MailFrom address to be one within the scope of
| the ADMD doing the aliasing.

That reflects what STD 10 says, the forwarder added its
name to the reverse path.

Maybe 5.2 and 5.3 should be swapped to get the two most
relevant cases next to each other, as they are in STD 3
(5.3.6a and 5.3.6b) or 2821 (3.10.1 and 3.10.2)

I miss the Resent-Message-ID in the Resent-chapter (5.2)
and in the Message-ID chapter (3.3).

MXD = Mail Relay Dominion (Specialized outbound)

What's that ?
An almost transparent imposed node that monitors the mail
channel.  This node will break some authentication and

Sorry, I still have no clue what you're talking about, who
"monitors the mail channel" ?  Is that something related
to A/V-software ?  OPES ?  Law enforcement ?  


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