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[Asrg] Re: [Fwd: Last Call: draft-ietf-opes-smtp-security (Integrity, privacy and security in OPES for SMTP) to Informational RFC]

2007-01-06 14:32:48
Tony Hansen wrote on <>

fyi, this seems relevant to these two lists.

Thanks, answered on the general list, forwarding your pointer
to the ASRG list.  Maybe I simply don't get it, or the I-D
proposes to send special NDRs for mails considered as dubious
by OPES, and the "special" feature is a way to bypass OPES on
behalf of the (alleged) sender in another mail.

That would be a convoluted kind of challenge response system,
and the discussion of this known 2821 issue in the draft does
not justify this net abuse.


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