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2007-01-11 14:43:33

An html version is also available on the BATV web page:



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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 15:50:02 -0500
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A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts

        Title           : Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV)
        Author(s)       : J. Levine, et al.
        Filename        : draft-levine-smtp-batv-00.txt
        Pages           : 14
        Date            : 2007-1-11
   The envelope of Internet mail contains an RFC2821.MailFrom command,
   which may supply an address to be used as the recipient of
   transmission and delivery notices about the original message.
   Existing Internet mail permits unauthorized use of addresses in the
   MailFrom command, causing notices to be sent to unwitting and
   unwilling recipients.  Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV) defines
   an extensible mechanism for validating the MailFrom address.  It also
   defines an initial use of that mechanism which requires no
   administrative overhead and no global implementation.

   This document is a revision of draft-levine-mass-batv-02.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:


  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking

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