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Re: Precedence error in RFC2821's ABNF

2007-03-23 04:02:32

Well call this issue #6.

        Tony Hansen

Paul Overell wrote:

In ABNF (RFC4234) concatenation binds more tightly than alternation so
the following two productions from RFC2821 (and rfc2821bis-01) need
extra brackets.

In 4.1.2

address-literal = "[" IPv4-address-literal /
                           IPv6-address-literal /
                           General-address-literal "]"

Should read

address-literal = "[" (IPv4-address-literal /
                            IPv6-address-literal /
                            General-address-literal) "]"

and in 4.4

ID = "ID" FWS String / msg-id CFWS

Should read

ID = "ID" FWS (String / msg-id) CFWS

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