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Re: More references in 2821bis

2007-04-01 21:48:25

At 13:44 +0200 on 04/01/2007, Frank Ellermann wrote about Re: More references in 2821bis:

[[ Oops, "Apparenly-To" is already mentioned in 7.2, I've added it
   to <> ]]

You show the text as "This header field was never formally standardized, it
was used by a mailer in absence of a To: header field derived from the envelope RCPT TO addresses, thereby disclosing addresses of blind carbon copies."

While the lack of To: Header is accurate, I seem to remember that it ALSO needed the absence of a Cc header to trigger this injected listing. IOW: So long as SOME address (even only a comment in parens) was supplied in EITHER the To or Cc header it would not expose the Bcc (or MAIL-TO only) addresses. Someone please confirm or deny this behavior.

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