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Re: RFC2821bis-02 Issue 24: ABNF overhaul

2007-04-24 06:55:52

Dave Crocker writes:
Given that ABNF is, essentially, like writing code, any massive overhaul to it would be certain to a) take a long time, and b) introduce new errors. This is not the stuff of a bis or ter effort.

I would say b) turn old lack of clarity into new errors.

I suggest that new SMTP ABNF would make a nice, independent project for someone. It would take the task out of the current critical path and would permit the ABNF to be subject to extended and independent analysis.

I have to disagree with this. The SMTP ABNF is not practically separable from the SMTP RFC, and attempting to separate the two will lead to hopeless squabbles in the years to come.

(FYI, I've volunteered.)

But what I've described would take years to happen.

We'll see.


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