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Re: rfc2821bis-3 nits and typos

2007-04-26 19:54:15

--On Thursday, 26 April, 2007 18:35 -0700 Douglas Otis
<dotis(_at_)mail-abuse(_dot_)org> wrote:

I have been unable to keep up with the ongoing threads, but
had a quick look at the document.  Good work!

Here are a few minor comments that hopefully will not be going
over old ground.


It consolidates, updates, and clarifies several previous
documents, making all or parts of most of the obsolete.

Typo: change "most of the" to "most of them"

Amazing that no one has caught this before, but fixed.

2.1. Basic Structure:

  ...delivering a message or properly reporting the failure to
do so.

Nit: Change "reporting failure to do so." to "reporting
failure to the originator address.  When a possibility has
been determined that a failure subsequent to acceptance will
not be reported, refusing the message better retains delivery
status integrity and is generally preferred."

That is not a nit, but part of what is now issue 25.
2.3.2. Senders and Receivers

Nit: Consider changing "Sender" to "Transmitter",
"Transmission Channel", or "Dispatcher" to avoid confusion
with "Sender:".  Perhaps adopt server/client rather than abuse
the word sender.  Although this will touch many sentences,
such a change will provide greater clarity going forward.

IMO, too large a change, expecially since SMTP-Sender and
SMTP-Receiver (the terms used in 821) is the terminology of last
resort when terms based on "client" and "server" are
insufficiently precise.  I can try this if enough people think
it is important but, based on the experience with changing
informal text to SHOULD/ MAY/ MUST terminology --which I now
expect to have to back out-- I recommend against embarking on
more adventures of this type if people really want to get this
done anytime soon... like this calendar year.

3.3. Mail Transactions

When the end of text is successfully received and stored the
SMTP-receiver sends a 250 OK reply.

Typo: Add comma.

When the end of text is successfully received and stored, the
SMTP-receiver sends a 250 OK reply.

3.6. Relaying and Mail Routing

...Of course this prohibition also applies to any
modifications of these fields or text.

Nit: Append to this paragraph:

See section 7.9., Scope of Operation of SMTP Servers.

Reference added.  Not sure it is a good idea.

---- Extended HELLO (EHLO) or HELLO (HELO)

  Private-use commands MAY be listed .

Typo: change "MAY be listed ." to  "MAY be listed."



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