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Re: Possible ambiguity in SMTP RFC2821 - your opinon please

2007-11-27 10:27:06

<Valdis(_dot_)Kletnieks(_at_)vt(_dot_)edu> wrote:

http://xn--fdbk5d8ap9b8a8d.xn--deba0ad/   is the actual target.
I see a dot between the 8d and the xn--, and my Firefox even
renders it with a '.' (see attached .png).

Same here with IE6 on a box where I've not yet installed FF.  But
the zone cut is the TLD:

`nslookup -q=ns xn--fdbk5d8ap9b8a8d.xn--deba0ad`
| [...]
| xn--deba0ad
|         primary name server = [...]
|         [...]

RFC  2142 says "only the organization's top level domain name are
required to be valid."  For your example that would be xn--deba0ad,
resulting in a likely unusable abuse(_at_)xn--deba0ad address.