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Re: not delivering, and History of fallback to A

2008-03-30 20:51:07

John R Levine wrote:

I completely fail to see how the availability or nonavailability of DNS
fallback behavior will lead to increased spam abuse. As I pointed out
previously, if spammers percieve an advantage to sending directly to
hosts named in A/AAA records they are going to do so no matter what. By
the same token, if they don't perceive an advantage they won't do it.

I see that I have been completely unable to explain myself.  I give up.

Thanks. I appreciate that.  New mandates based on "economy of scale" is
not feasible on old and widely embedded system like SMTP. If you had in the back of your mind making a tie-in to some other Email Security proposal(s), including one that is attempting to mandate a MX records to make it work "right," I could see some useful reason to point that out.


Hector Santos, CTO