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Implicit MX decisions

2008-04-05 15:46:41


Fortunately (for me) Tony and Lisa get to determine consensus on
this subject.  Even as editor, I'm just an occasional
participant in the discussion and sometime just a lurker.

However, I've just read through the last 24 hours of comments on
the subject.  It seems very clear to me that no one is saying
anything new.  We are getting the same arguments repeated over
and over again, with very slight variations in content, although
with significant variations in passion.

Tony and Lisa may be better at this than I am (or less exhausted
by 2821bis) but, if I were making the decision. the message
volume itself would be acting as an impediment to forming a
complete picture and making some sort of consensus.  Put more
strongly, this small number of arguments, repeated over and over
again with great passion are becoming a DoS attack on getting
2821bis finished and published.  I hope and assume that is no
one's intent.

Could I ask that anyone who has expressed a position clearly, or
even fairly clearly, just stop.  I think you can be assured that
you have been heard.  I think it is clear that no one has
actually changed his or her mind in the last week (probably much
longer), and that repeating things again is unlikely to change

Hector has tried to summarize the various positions, but his
note seems to comment on connectivity choices.  I don't think
those choices are at issue.   I don't believe they _can_ be an
issue in 2821bis because making special rules about connection
types would require updating RFC 3484.

I would welcome a clear and balanced discussion of the options
(and might try to write one if no one else does).   But, other
than that, unless someone has something really new to say, I
think we are finished.

Just my opinion obviously... and as an individual: the editor
has no opinion and is just going to sit on 2821bis-10 until Tony
tells me what to say.


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