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Do domains in SMTP have to exist ?

2008-04-12 09:40:03

Hi.  I have a new niggly question.

Over in DKIM land there is a battle going on with respect to the
treatment of domains that don't exist, with "don't exist" meaning
something like an authoritative DNS server doesn't return an MX or A
or AAAA or CNAME for the name.

Looking through the current draft, it looks to me like everyone
assumes that domain names have to exist, with the explicit exception
of the HELO/EHLO name, but it never says so in so many words.

Is this a deliberate omission, or is it so obvious that it wasn't
worth stating explicitly?


PS: The domains in the DKIM discussion are 2822 domains, but the
2822upd draft punts the interpretation of domain names over here.

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