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Re: Additional parameters to SMTP commands

2008-05-14 01:45:30

--On Wednesday, 14 May, 2008 12:30 +0530 Santoshkumar K S
<santoshks(_at_)TechMahindra(_dot_)com> wrote:

               Any one give me the link for Additional
parameters for SMTP MAIL and RCPT commands

Read RFC 2821 or, probably better at this point,

Each of these parameters, or sets of parameters, are associated
with a particular SMTP extension.  You will need to track the
extensions down to determine the syntax and semantics of the
ones you are interested in.

There is an IANA registry (see "SMTP Service Extensions" at that gives a
list of the current extensions and references to the documents
where they, and their parameters, are defined, but it may not be


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