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RE: BATV pseudo-Last Call

2008-05-17 01:23:43

We also would like to hear about any implementations and deployment
experience, beyond the listings at:


The more implementation experience we can cite, the strong 
the case that it is stable and useful.

Do you have more detail beyond this text in draft-levine-smtp-batv-01.txt

   Mailing Lists:   BATV will cause problems with some mailing lists
      that identify posters by their bounce address.  The list will not
      recognize the identical MailFrom addresses, because it will
      interpret the differing BATV attributes as part of the address.
      These services will either reject postings or pass them all to the

As this very concern is why I have not considered enabling BATV for a domain
that I help manage.

Specifically, I am interested in knowing if this is a problem in
significantly-deployed mailing list software such as, for example, mailman,
listserv, or Yahoo Groups.


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