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Re: BATV pseudo-Last Call

2008-05-18 16:00:34

But regardless of how you choose to resolve these issues, the bottom
line is that it is a mistake to assume that your own experiences with
things like list operation will necessarily be shared by others. The
amount of variation out there is really quite astonishing.

Indeed.  I'm collecting info on the way various list management
packages handle addresses in incoming mail on the ASRG wiki at

Contributions encouraged.  (Feel free to send me notes if you don't
want to edit it yourself.)

You're completely missing my point. This needs to be cast as a
general local part structuring mechanism, not as something useful for
this one use case.

Maybe I'm dense, but I don't see what problem a general local part
structuring mechanism solves.  For the MIME example, it's clearly
useful for the MUA to be able to extract opaque chunks of typed stuff
after the message is delivered and hand them off to applications to
interpret them, but I don't see the equivalent here.  The various
prefixing applications likely happen at different points in the mail
handling process.

I also note that VERP, which I believe is the most common use of
embedded addresses, doesn't work with a fixed prefix.


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