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Auto-Submitted and Autosubmitted

2008-07-09 15:19:27


Could somebody briefly explain me the difference between "Auto-Submitted" and "Autosubmitted" MIME headers?

RFC 4021 (Registration of Mail and MIME Header Fields) talks only about Autosubmitted, with reference to RFC 2156 ( MIXER (Mime Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay): Mapping between X.400 and RFC 822/MIME).

On the other side, RFC 3834 (Recommendations for Automatic Responses to Electronic Mail) "keywords for the Auto-Submitted header field", hence Auto-Submitted shall have been defined before RFC 3834. RFC 5230 (Sieve Email Filtering: Vacation Extension) relies on "Auto-Submitted".

At only Autosubmitted is listed.

Thanks in advance for your opinion.

        Със здраве,

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