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Re: Received,mailbox-list,address-list parsing.

2008-12-20 17:42:21

Ivar Lumi a écrit :

But please do not confuse the mailbox syntax of SMTP (5321,
etc.) with that of the message body and headers (5322, etc.).
Hmm no i see, there is problematic place. Bot declare "mailbox" term.
Also both RFC cross refer each other:
RFC 5322 3.6.7 has some definition for received and refers to RFC 5321.

RFC 5321 4.4   The time stamp line and the return path line are formally
defined as
  follows (the definitions for "FWS" and "CFWS" appear in RFC 5322
<./rfc5322> [4 <#ref-4>]):

Please reread the text that discourages machine interpretation
of trace fields.
After fast re look, i can't find it, can you point section where it is.
About address-list, yes probably this is probably wrong list to ask how
there addresses distinguished.

RFC 5321, section 3.7.2:

  "Received:" header fields of messages originating from other
   environments may not conform exactly to this specification. ...