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Re: STARTTLS & EHLO: Errata text?

2009-02-01 17:53:59

Hi Hector,
At 11:49 01-02-2009, Hector Santos wrote:
I was thinking of 3207 with text similar to:

    The secured SMTP client MUST resend the EHLO command and the
    secured SMTP server MUST be prepared to issue an 503
    for any out of sequence commands by legacy 3207 clients.


Our server, and probably others, based on the original relaxed semantics "Client SHOULD resent EHLO/HELO" guideline, does not enforce it simply because it didn't say MUST.

If you say MUST in that part of the text in RFC 3207, you'll have to explain about when EHLO is not required. If the HELO/EHLO guidelines were different from RFC 2821, it should have been mentioned in RFC 3207. But they are not. For those who might point out that we are sending two EHLOs, I'll mention that it is clearly stated that the SMTP protocol is reset.

In other words, the secured client can continue with a MAIL FROM and the normal reply codes associates with it apply, but not 503 because it wasn't deem necessary at this stage.

There is no need for a requirement to issue a 503 reply as we already know that the reply is applicable if we send out of sequence commands.

On the other hand, if 3207 is altered to enforce a MUST, then we need to change our server and in that vain, I reject this 3207 change to a MUST. However, since most secured clients do resend EHLO, I don't see that as having an impact on existing installations. Our secured server is not going to fail the secured session if the secured client does not resent EHLO.

Errata text should not create a situation where existing implementations which were fully compliant with RFC 3207 have to be modified unless it is to fix a mistake. We have two possibilities for a mail transaction, the client sends MAIL FROM: after the TLS handshake without doing an EHLO first:

  1. The server rejects the command.

  2. The server accepts the command.

For point 1, the client has a problem then as it cannot proceed with the mail transaction. That is the question we have been trying to clarify with the proposed text.

There is nothing wrong with point 2. Be careful about service extensions though as the client cannot trust the list it received previously.

So at the very least, if 3207 text is changed to MUST, it should include some additional text, call it a "reminder" text if you wish to the above text. Who knows, if the server in the example did issue the 503, then maybe the OP's client designer might have seen the necessity to add logic to restart with EHLO, and thus, no discussion would be necessary.

I doubt that putting in "reminder" text would change anything.