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Re: STARTTLS & EHLO: Errata text?

2009-02-03 02:23:52

Hi Hector,
At 05:59 02-02-2009, Hector Santos wrote:
How can you say that? For that matter, why would less specific information or even the proposed errata would provide change?

I was commenting on adding text to cover all the angles. That can lead to "over-specification". Instead of clarifying the text, it can become more convoluted. It might also impose unneeded requirements.

For example, Tony Finch explained how an implementation provides for local policy checks by the administrator. The result was a 550 code returned when EHLO is missing. You described how an implementation can recover from the error condition if a 503 code is returned there. Both of you have valid arguments about why the implementation is done in such a way.

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