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Re: Concluding the SPF and Sender ID experiments

2009-02-26 10:39:57

Hi Hector,
At 05:28 26-02-2009, Hector Santos wrote:
I don't see the logic connection.

The first part of the comment was about the note. That note mentions how the two experiments can affect each other. It goes on to say that the heuristics could be applied incorrectly.

A SPF hard fail result is a strong indicator that the DOMAIN wants a rejection - no guessing, no 2nd thoughts.

There was a comment about phishing and that receivers use the pass/fail from SPF1 tests as a strong indicator to assess the validity of the message.

For us, the whole point of SPF1 is not to use heuristics at the SMTP Level.

It is used for heuristics at the 5322 level.

But hard fail at SMTP transport level? ---> REJECT!

System that ignore the hard fail policy of a domain are just creating problems for domains that desire it by watering down the effect.

Do these domains publish v=spf1 and spf2.0 records?