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VHLO I-D and possible 5321 nits

2009-03-01 10:12:24

I've tried and drawn the consequences of defining VHLO (verified hello) or IAGG (I'm a good guy) as an SMTP extension, as John suggested a while ago. The I-D is at

Incidentally, writing the I-D I've found a pair of possible nits for 5321bis, which may be worth amending:

* The extension definition in section 2.2.2 (lines 534-561 in the numbered draft) don't mention that each extension should explicitly specify if it is valid on the Submission port.

* There is no IANA registry of all defined MAIL (or RCPT) parameters: it may become a problem for future extensions authors willing to check that a new parameter doesn't conflict with existing ones...

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