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Re: Last Call: draft-crocker-email-arch (Internet Mail Architecture) to Proposed Standard

2009-03-05 16:32:51

--On Thursday, March 05, 2009 11:44 -0800 Dave CROCKER
<dcrocker(_at_)bbiw(_dot_)net> wrote:

SMTP (RFC 5321) makes the distinction between relay and
gateway, where I read the latter as matching the Mediator
construct in email-arch.  And it is rather specific about the
functional distinctions.  What you are describing doing
clearly falls into the camp of gateway/mediator.

And, FWIW, from a RFC 5321/SMTP perspective, any Message
Submission (RFC 4409) server clearly falls into Dave's Mediator
category.  If I recall, Randy and I spent some time trying to
get the terminology in 2476 right to avoid getting crossways of
the Gateway/Relay distinction.


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