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Re: email-arch intro

2009-05-14 10:31:13

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 06:36:30AM -0700, SM wrote:


One of the "problems" with the email-arch is that the document does not constrain itself to the higher level only. It would have made matters easier if the document was descriptive instead of prescriptive.


If I understand correctly, the last part of the last sentence excludes existing protocols from having to explain the variance. What you are proposing is to have designers explain the differences between the architecture and core protocol documents. That presumes that the designers have a good understanding of these documents. The documents are already quite lengthy and I think that we will see more inconsistencies once we go down that path.

Since this seems to be the first document of this type for the IETF, I
suspect it will take some time to perfect the type of language such a
document should have. But we have to start from somewhere and I believe
this is excellent start.

So +1 to Pete's text.

Jeff Macdonald

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