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Re: Multi-Line Greetings A Certainty?

2010-02-15 00:04:55

Sabahattin Gucukoglu wrote:

Hi all,

I imagine it's more of an implementation robustness issue to support multiline greetings 
given the current text of RFC 5321.  However, Postfix's new postscreen daemon, docs , seems to be relying on it to do its job.  Also 
does something else disturbing (in typical Postfix experimental fashion) which is to 
disconnect clients just for not liking the initial "Teaser" banner.  According 
to the STANDARDS section, this is RFC 5321-stipulated stuff.  According to my experience, 
yeah, probably works for short enough timeouts, and I've seen plenty multiline greetings 
in the wild ...

I don't like spam either, but does this not strike others as being really quite 
dangerous thinking and uncertain games to be playing?


As a follow to my last response. Our settings was OFF by default with a template display. When AOL began to do it, our next update had it on by default.

Keep in mind it is against the law (in the US) to abuse a computer. AOL really didn't do it because they knew their are broken clients out there. It was required by US federal law and I recall it was added after that big AOL lawsuit they won against a spammer a few years back. It as the equivalent as required by the US EPCA for online host systems to provide/show the TOS on their system.

So to badly paraphrase an old GM saying:

       "Whats good for AOL, is good for Email!"



Hector Santos

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