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Re: Multi-Line Greetings A Certainty?

2010-02-15 13:12:33

On 15 Feb 2010, at 05:18, John Levine wrote:
I've used multiline greetings a lot, and I cannot remember any cases
where a legit client MTA had trouble with them.  A really long one
will indeed make some spambots barf.

Yes, I used them before realising they were affecting my spam load, however I 
have encountered a couple of instances, running really obscure software, that 
were affected.  I don't know whether, as pointed out AOL is now using them, 
this matters as much now that it did then (about 2001 I think).  I'm more 
worried by the use of rules which are only *just* specified, in passing.  They 
seem to be more the common trait of the spammer than a willful violation of 
standards, as such.


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