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Re: Edited Mail and Resent Headers

2010-05-18 03:02:49

Murray S. Kucherawy quotes Hector Santos:
I am trying to determine if Resent Headers, in particular the Resent-Message-ID applies

 What are you thoughts about this?

I don't know exactly what you mean by "applies" here.

Neither do I... but I'll opine anyway.

Resent-* is dying or dead; so much new software doesn't look at it that Resent-* doesn't really "apply" to anything any more.

This isn't just about ignorant software. If you write an IMAP client in a way that will make all the IMAP-heads smile at you, that client is almost sure to ignore Resent-* (because IMAP's FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE ignores it).

Hm. Do any well-known MUAs take Resent-Message-Id into consideration when threading? I don't know, but I confess I haven't looked. I know some that don't.


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