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Re: Edited Mail and Resent Headers

2010-05-21 13:48:06
On 2010-05-20 16:08:35 -0400, Hector Santos wrote:
The issue is based on the growing or rebirth of FORUMS that are gated by 
NNTP and exposed as newsgroups and the online software allow uses to 
correct/alter their mail (at any time), and the implementation does not 
create a new "message id" that would transforms to a new export by the 
NNTP gateway.

So I was thinking that maybe it (Resent-*) could be used here. It  
doesn't since the specs "implies" the old Message-ID remains the same  
and the Resent-Message-ID get the new one.

The old X.400 "Supersedes" was considered as a possibility to handle it 
but I am now considering a new proposal that addresses authenticated 
backend/mua interfacing, less than an IMAP but more than we have now for 

I don't know why you throw NNTP and POP3 together. They have rather
different models. 

Anyway, I assume that by "online edited mail" you mean a new version of
a forum/news article which should replace the old version. This is what
the "Supersedes" header is for: The new message gets a new message-ids
(In NNTP message-ids need to be unique - a new message which matches an
existing message-id simply won't be propagated because every newsserver
will assume that it already has the message) and reference the old
message in the Supersedes header. Servers and/or clients are supposed to
remove/hide superseded messages.

I don't see any relation to the Resent-* message headers. These were
intended for messages which were sent again (possibly by a different
sender) essentially unchanged. My MUA still has a "bounce" command to do
this (and I prefer this over forwarding email in many cases).


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