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Re: mailing list footer addition to MIME email

2011-01-14 14:09:02

On Jan 14, 2011, at 11:31 AM, Dave CROCKER wrote:

Can't decide on the right place to ask this question, so you folks got 

A list member sends a message that contains a MIME body.  (If it makes a 
difference between a simple, since body that is MIME encoded, versus one that 
has "attachments", then clarifying that is part of the exercise.)

The mail list adds a typical footer to the message and sends it out.

How does the footer related to the received MIME?  Is a new MIME body 
created? Is the footer added as a separate MIME attachment? Is the footer 
somehow distinguishable from the original MIME content?

I'm trying to understand the nature of the violence done by a mailing list to 
the body.

It varies.

I've seen at least these variants:

  1. Append a plain ascii footer to the end of the 822 body. (This ends up as a 
non-displayed MIME postlude for any multipart message.)

  2. Same as 1, but only do it for single part messages.

  3. Append an additional text/plain mime section to the existing 
multipart/mixed capsule (works well for mailing lists that are primarily 
text/plain with attached files).

  4. Create a new multipart/mixed message containing two parts, the first being 
the entire (usually multipart/alternative) content of the inbound mail and the 
second being a text/plain footer.

  5. Modify the content of the existing text/html (and sometimes text/plain) 
section, injecting the content into the existing mime part.

Number 5 is mostly used for advertising supported services, where they want to 
make sure that the eyeballs will always see the injected content, and the 
injected content wants to be text/html. It's painful to do compared with the 

Most of the good discussion mailing list managers seem to use a hybrid, 
depending on the inbound mail type. I think a common algorithm is:

  text/plain => append a plain text footer to the existing content

  multipart/mixed => add a new text/plain content-disposition=inline part to 
the existing container

  anything else => create a new multipart/mixed message containing the original 
message and a new text/plain content-disposition=inline footer part.