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Leading Dots

2011-05-25 09:57:11

I must be missing something here. I noticed two MUAs, Outlook and Thunderbird adding extra dots for lines I would not expect it would.

For testing, I sent a simple text message with these five lines only:

.. one
... two
.... three
..... four
...... five

At my receiver, a socket read DATA block dump showed the MUAs sending an extra dot on each line:

... one
.... two
..... three
...... four
....... five
..                <-- expected <CRLF>.<CRLF> terminator

Why?  Is that correct?

What caught my eye was an intermediary also adding extra dots, in this case, a message I set to a list had a line beginning with:

     ... blah, blah

But it showed up here with two extra dots:

     ..... blah, blah

So when I begin testing why, I noticed the MUA was adding one extra and the intermediary adding one extra itself.

Is this normal?


Hector Santos

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