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Re: LOGIN mechanism

2011-06-02 07:25:27

Peter Bowen <pzbowen(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

I've been working on implementing a framework for building SMTP
servers in ruby (  One of the
issues I've run into several times is interoperability of the LOGIN
mechanism with various clients.  The latest problem is certain
Microsoft SMTP implementations that send an initial client response,
and have major issues when it is not accepted.  Is there any reliable
specification for the LOGIN mechanism and/or how it is used with SMTP?

My understanding of LOGIN comes from

Exim's authentication configuration is rather runic but it should be
fairly clear.

Exim's plaintext authenticator allows clients to use LOGIN as if it were
PLAIN with an empty authorization identity, or to send the username as the
initial response and password as a second response, or to send no initial
response and separate username and password responses.

I have never seen a client that depends on seeing AUTH=LOGIN in the EHLO
service extensions list, nor have I heard of any interop problems caused
by Exim not advertising AUTH=LOGIN.

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