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Re: LOGIN mechanism

2011-06-02 15:27:38

Follow up:

A quick GOOGLE,

QMAIL shows example using it:

Here is a tutorial, and a mentioning of some client parsing problem and what it calls a workaround using AUTH=LOGIN:

I'm sure its an old compatibility issue and today, not a problem with updated software. But most smtp vendors only need one complaint from an operator one of their users has connection problem and generally it all depends on how big a hat the user wears before people react. So if you already have it - leave it in, and if you don't, eh, its up to you. Odds are good if you never saw it then, you will never see it now. :)

Hector Santos wrote:
Tony Finch wrote:

I have never seen a client that depends on seeing AUTH=LOGIN in the EHLO
service extensions list, nor have I heard of any interop problems caused
by Exim not advertising AUTH=LOGIN.

Note this is an old client problem, and the inline code comments I have is:

    // Support for NON-RFC AUTH=LOGIN
    // - supported by at least NS4, NS4.5, OL4, OL5

This is in the last recorded source control version dating back to 2001.


Hector Santos

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