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RE: Mail Data termination

2011-08-22 00:32:29

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If you don't get caught up with the "Windows-hate" comments (and
incorrect assumptions about Windows), try to catch on that the
technology employed in Windows is a direction for some of the *nix
flavors. But the above is not about windows, but how Unix is trying to
catch up! <g>

I didn't say anything about any specific operating system, nor am I interested 
in engaging such a dialog.

What I did say is that if the OS (or indeed, the SMTP server) where you're 
seeing this can't tolerate a few idle connections hanging around, I'd start 
wondering if it's capable of operating at Internet scale and might benefit from 
a design review.

At any rate, I agree with John Klensin's comment that this isn't a problem with 
the RFCs, so I think it's time to let this thread die.


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