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Re: draft-atkins-smtp-traffic-control

2011-11-01 14:22:16

On 10/31/11 8:03 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
Crypto is good at identifying returnees.  It does nothing in terms
of identifying whether a player is good or bad.  Unless there is a
way to map that identity into a reputation system, which can't be
gamed, it buys little in terms of spam prevention.

Agreed, crypto offers recognition of previous encounters. A desire to make exchanges that traverse LSNs is clearly where something like Kerberos tickets can play a suitable role in offering a low overhead process. Kerberos can also offer a lower frequency rate where it remains practical to identify all domains prior to issuing tickets. Reputations MUST BE based on AUTHENTICATED identities. Clearly, IPv6 makes use of IP Addresses as an identifier unsuitable.


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