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Re: SMTP Kerberos Considerations

2011-11-05 01:15:20

At 17:54 -0400 on 11/02/2011, Hector Santos wrote about SMTP Kerberos Considerations:

I don't know enough about how IPv6 are assigned today.

The idea is that the user gets a IPv6/64 Network address from their Connection Provider like they currently get a IPv4/32. The low 64 bits are the Host Address. Normally this includes the device's MAC Address although it can be a random number to prevent tracking the device via the address. The user can use the high part of the low 64 bits to make up their own LAN (like the current NAT mapping does for the single supplied IPv4 address). So long as each user is given their own IPv6/64 network address this would avoid identification scaling issues vs the current use of an IPv4 address (ie: Treat the IPv6/64 masked address as the current IPv4/32 one is treated and you have the same granularity for graylisting/etc. purposes).

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