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RE: [apps-discuss] Feedback on draft-moonesamy-smtp-ipv6-00

2011-11-14 21:24:03

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Subject: [apps-discuss] Feedback on draft-moonesamy-smtp-ipv6-00

The change from RFC 3974 is:

  - Removal of the Basic DNS Resource Record Definitions for Mail
Routing section

  - Removal of the SMTP Sender Algorithm in a Dual-Stack Environment

Why were these removed?  They seemed useful for illustration in RFC3974.

  - Removal of the Operational Experience and open issues sections.

Replacing this with more current operational experience might be better than 
removing it outright.

Also, I wonder if the v6ops "Happy Eyeballs" work might be an interesting 
reference here.

Please note that the algorithm has already been used in several
existing implementations.


RFC5321 talked about aspects of RFC3974 that were in conflict with what RFC5321 
says.  Have those been resolved in your draft?  (Alas, I can't tell after a 
cursory read what those might've been.  Maybe it's simply the thing John Levine 
just pointed out in another message.)

It's worth pointing out the document state change as well (which I support).


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