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Re: Mail, not to be confused with spam...

2011-11-30 13:14:32

Alessandro Vesely wrote:
There are already 500+ comments on yesterday's post on Slashdot on
"Europe's Largest IT Company To Ban Internal Email" [1].

Is it because of spam that people stops using email?

Someone noted that "the IESG has trouble dealing with anything related
to spam" [2].  Is the IESG part of the problem?


I think the average 80-90% spam is about right for most systems - its a common number often cited. But thats also one where they really don't have system wide policies in place and its more per user. When filters are system wide, users don't see that much spam.

These 'no more email' statements have been around for a long time, its also 100% a Business Personal Community thinking that changes from time to time. Sometimes it comes from the idea the "person" just discovered something new (old to others) that he thinks is better, i.e, an Intranet, or the need to just get everyone to authenticate. This is the pattern with support companies, like Microsoft who early this year abandoned their public newsgroup servers for their web-based Online Forums that requires LiveID authentication, or even using something like IMAP.

The conflicts come when they realize they can't control or monitor "personal communications" which can only happen when they centralize the network and provide their employees Smart Phones - however, in the name of saving moving, companies are now beginning to not to subsidize it for employees.

One of our largest customers, network manager for a big national chain, told me the other day, they are moving to IMAP for the employees, mostly because of greater use of Smart Phones, tablets, etc and seek 100% online communications. But they are not abandoning email simply because they still need to communicate with the outside public world. So email is received filtered and gated IN/OUT into the IMAP server.

Overall, this article is just an opinion that they need to do better integrated electronic messaging and what they relied on before was too expensive for them. The statement that one just need to "come to me, pick up the phone or text me" is typical attitude you see when technology becomes too overwhelming - I recall we few of us at Westinghouse said the same thing about when X.400 and also Voice Messages came to a company phone/mail network. Some felt it was a waste of time to go thru that loop.

But as a early Mail Reader/Writer product developer, I always felt it was a problem with the UI - the ergonomics, the clutter was always there, at any level, that needs too be filtered, consolidated and presented to users. In addition, it was not just the MUA, but how the backend gave the MUA this data. In other words, the sorted/filter/folders can be done at the backend and just dumped to the MUA for it to filter and sort.

So IMO, its just a matter of getting control of your communications methods.


Hector Santos
jabber: hector(_at_)jabber(_dot_)isdg(_dot_)net

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