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Re: Mail, not to be confused with spam...

2011-12-01 12:09:04

For the status of RFC 5782 my conclusion is that there was some
kind of communication problem.  The published comments indicate
that some ADs asked why the draft was not for standards track,
and one AD was quite willing to sponsor it for standards track.
(I asked, that's why I know this.)

It was an IRTF draft.  Then some people in the IESG asked why it
wasn't standards track.  Fine, I said, let's make it standards track.
Then in IESG review, people (not the same ones) in the IESG offered a
variety of comments that revealed that their understanding of spam
management was stuck in the 1990s, and there was no way they were
going to approve this draft without a lot of changes that would make
it useless.  So I said, never mind, and flipped it back to IRTF, which
is how it was published.

This isn't really relvant to the topic under discussion, which is really
that the "legitimate" mail sent around on corporate mail systems is
hardly any better than the spam.