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Re: Mail, not to be confused with spam...

2011-12-07 18:02:56

On 12/1/11 1:58 AM, Frank Ellermann wrote:
On 30 November 2011 15:30, Alessandro Vesely<vesely(_at_)tana(_dot_)it>  wrote:
  Is the IESG part of the problem?
For the status of RFC 5782 my conclusion is that there was some
kind of communication problem.  The published comments indicate
that some ADs asked why the draft was not for standards track,
and one AD was quite willing to sponsor it for standards track.
(I asked, that's why I know this.)

This was a tricky case, because it was an IRTF ASRG draft, and
only the IETF (not the IRTF) can publish standards track RFCs.
At some point the author decided to give up on standards track
and use the ordinary IRTF status "informational".

IMHO, RFC5782 is anachronistic. Sorry John. IPv6 and Large Scale NATs support of dual stacks thwarts IP address based validation. An inability to control exploitable resource identifiers further thwarts the establishment of defend-able reputations. Additionally, ATPS requires a solid anchor not offered by SPF. One solution would be an SMTP Auth extension where details are still owed. A low overhead method to authenticate outbound SMTP servers and to authorize outbound servers is needed.
There *is* a problem in communications with the IESG, e.g., at
the moment I have two "tickets", where I can't say if the mails
ever arrived, still wait in some queue for an AD to pick it up,
or were rejected with the rejection never making it to my inbox.

For similar communication issues with IANA requests folks have
suggested to create a visible trouble ticket tracker, maybe the
IESG should adopt this "happiana" proposal also for their own
Without a solid defense of actual sources, email will continue to be abused. On the other head, social networks benefit from rapid removal of abusive accounts, since much of their ad revenue is based upon unique identifiers. Ironically, it would seem standardizing a provider included ad link header field might offset properly dealing with abuse. :^(