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Re: "proper" handling of BCC

2012-03-01 09:29:59

At 10:58 PM -0800 2/29/12, Ned Freed wrote:

 The most useful thing, in my view, is a BCP on how MUAs should
 generate messages with BCC recipients, and how MUAs should recognize
 when a received message is a result of a BCC, and how to handle
 replies etc. in such cases.

 I agree that this is more important than having an extension to offload
 Bcc: processing to the MSA.

 I'm intrigued by the behavior mentioned earlier of the originating
 MUA mucking with the To and Cc header fields when sending a BCC
 version, as an indication of this and to avoid unthinking
 reply-to-all actions.  I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the "[To:]"
 business, but enclosing the contents in parens to form a comment
 might work.

 I don't think that just having a comment is valid by RFC 5322 rules. That
 could be an issue.

Good point; list notation might be a better choice.

Randall Gellens
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