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Re: [dane] draft-fanf-dane-smtp

2012-05-31 10:10:00

Matt McCutchen <matt(_at_)mattmccutchen(_dot_)net> wrote:

This approach is not going to work.

I think you mean that you want weaker semantics for SMTP+TLSA than I have
specified. I have deliberately stated that extra semantics apply - in the
intro I wrote:

    As well as its normal function of providing an association
    between a domain name and a certificate, we are also using the
    existance of a TLSA record to signal to the client that it can
    expect a valid server certificate.

I agree that this might be a job for the HASTLS record - I wan't aware of
it. I can change the spec to require another DNS lookup for HASTLS if
others think this is worth doing.

The historical baggage for SMTP and HTTP are rather different so I am not
sure it makes sense to apply an HTTP fix to SMTP. It would add significant
programming and provisioning complexity, and I don't think your use cases
justify it. (For instance, your wildcard TLSA records are useless without
accompanying address or SRV records.) On the other hand perhaps it would
be nice to have better consistency across protocols.

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