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Re: [ietf-smtp] guidance on how to secure against sniffing and paid backdoors

2013-09-19 16:40:09
On 19.9.2013, at 21.42, Martijn Grooten 
<ietf-smtp(_at_)lapsedordinary(_dot_)net> wrote:

What Rolf was saying is that in this thread we were trying to come up with a 
solution, without first having defined the problem we were trying to solve. 
That is, without having defined a threat model we wanted to defend against.

Threat: Defending against casual (non-targeted) network snooping by 
governments, which is what NSA (and probably others) are doing to everyone.

Solution: TLS, even when it doesn't verify the remote certificate in any way.

Threat 2: Defending against attempted MITM attacks by not-that-powerful 

Solution: TLS with DANE, assuming the destination server's trust anchor doesn't 
belong to that government.

Threat 3: Defending against targeted email nooping by a powerful government.

Solution: Don't use email.

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