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Re: [ietf-smtp] BCP or similar on list validation by partial SMTP session

2013-10-01 14:19:40
I suppose it could endorse permission passes to try to resuscitate a
bad list.

Do you mean stuff like a monthly re-opt-in?  If not, can you explain?

Customer gives ESP a list that hasn't been used for two years, or that
is a combination of verified opt in and a shoebox full of business
cards, stuff like that.

Or just mail to the feeping list, and do proper bounce processing in
the first place.

"proper" bounce processing isn't always possible, but then again the whole
fake RCPT TO thing isn't infallible either.

If you use VERP with a cookie in the envelope that identifies the list
and the recipient, and doesn't look like the recipient's address, it
takes a pretty badly broken MTA not to produce a usable bounce.  I
realize that there are some bad addresses that don't bounce, but I
don't think a list other than one badly contaminated with bought spam
addresses is likely to have a lot of them.

Might MAAWG be interested in converting their work into an Informational
RFC, or maybe an Applicability Statement?

Wouldn't be the first time.

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