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[ietf-smtp] A trivial question about line lengths

2014-11-30 19:54:31
RFC 5322 discusses line lengths both in terms of the maximum line length an MTA 
can be required to handle (998 bytes) but also a more conservative 78 character 
limit, driven by the requirement to support user interfaces that are only 78 
characters wide.

If I'm wrapping a header by breaking a line with "\r\n\t", and I'm trying to 
comply with the spirit of the RFC, how many characters am I allowed to put on 
the continuation line?

Is it 77, as I have a single tab character already, and I'm allowed 78 total? 
Or is it 72, as in the glass teletype world the RFC seems to live in the tab 
character will consume 8 display characters to the first tab stop, leaving me 
another 72 before I run into the right edge of the screen?


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