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[ietf-smtp] New/clarified SMTP reply codes 521 and 556

2015-03-03 09:21:27

Work on the specification to standardize "no mail accepted" uses
for the 521 reply code and to add and standardize the 556 one is
progressing.   draft-klensin-smtp-521code-03.txt was just posted
and, barring some last-minute discovery of problems, an IETF
Last Call should start on it soon.

That work was initiated because of the "null MX" effort but it
not dependent on it.

This is a heads-up to this list of the pending Last Call,
especially for those who don't follow the IETF or IETF-announce

If you look at it, editorial comments should go to me.  More
substantive ones should probably wait until the Last Call is
announced and then sent to the IETF list and/or IESG.

I'll try to be sure that the Last Call announcement is
circulated to this list also.


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