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Re: [ietf-smtp] [dane] Request DANE ALPS (another attempt to canonicalize local parts)

2016-03-08 02:32:29
I think it's fair to say that doing an end run around the "Mail Gods" with yet another attempt to canonicalize local parts will not make them any less annoyed. Hand waving claims that it's doing something else doesn't make it so.

I hope it's obvious why one approach to doing it in DANE and a different incompatble approach in PKIX would be a bad idea.


On Mon, 7 Mar 2016, Sean Leonard wrote:
On 3/7/2016 4:54 AM, John Levine wrote:
In article <56DD1DB7(_dot_)7050305(_at_)seantek(_dot_)com> you write:

As the chairs graciously requested and got a meeting slot in Buenos
Aires, I would like to request DANE ALPS (Alternative Local-Part
Synthesis) discussion time at IETF 95.
This draft belongs in ietf-smtp or maybe appsarea, not DANE.  It's an
interesting idea, but since it changes the rules about who interprets
local-parts, it's an update to RFC 5321.

Also, it's an issue that affects people in a lot of places other than DANE.
Pkix has been having somewhat similar discussions about the names in X.509

As the document itself states (repeatedly), the DANE ALPS proposal is very specific to DANE. It does not affect how the mail infrastructure interprets local-parts, because to do otherwise would anger the Mail Gods. We are leaving the issue alone. Local-Part is and remains left to the interpretation of the receiving MTA.

The point of DANE ALPS is to reduce the burden of maintaining a bajillion variations of records, for operating a DANE/DNSSEC-enabled zone. Consider a case where the owners want *all* messages sent to e-mail addresses in a domain to use the same key. Perhaps that key is a master encryption key for policy reasons, that will be decrypted by some gateway. Another case is where one user maintains the whole domain: * e-mail addresses should all be encrypted to the same key and read (ultimately) by the same user, even if the messages get fanned out into different mailboxes on the back end. In such cases, is it desirable for the DANE/DNSSEC-enabled zone to maintain a bajillion different records with the same key info, or just to maintain one record, and have a mechanism to point queries to that specific record? The latter is simply more efficient (and more easily auditable).

Now, a possible outcome of the WG presentation/meeting is that the proposal has broader application than just DANE. In that case, expanding or moving it elsewhere would be fine. But we need to have that discussion.

Yes, it came up in PKIX recently...there is a broader question about how to determine e-mail address equivalence, when the two inputs are not bit-for-bit identical. This is an industry-wide problem. However, the DANE ALPS solution is about alternate queries of the DNS zone between a DNS client and a DNS server, not equivalence. It is specific to the way that DANE operates and is not intended to be a published general statement about how the domain's MTA fans out mail.

draft-osterweil-dmarc-dane-names also tries to address the matter using DMARC records. However, it goes a step further by saying "canonicalization policy"--which implies that it is promulgating interpretations of the local-part that might cause a disturbance in the (Mail Gods') Force. See:

That approach should also be covered and discussed.

So now we have at least four different approaches: a) do nothing, b) draft-seantek-dane-alps, c) draft-levine-dns-mailbox (a collection of different approaches), d) draft-osterweil-dmarc-dane-names. Obviously the WG is struggling to do something here, hence, discussion.



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